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9 Online Business Ideas to Make Money From Home

You’ve heard many people say that you can learn to make money online. You’ve even seen pictures and statistics on social media platforms suggesting that you can bank dough every month working from home. Not to forget the many blog posts you read every day that draws your attention to how to make money from home. But for those who’ve never tried online gigs, getting started almost always seems difficult. The truth is, as long as you have the best online business ideas to make money online, getting started should be as easy as A, B, C.


You do not have to be a tech guru or a computer specialist to start banking wealth from the internet and gain pecuniary freedom. A domain name, a reliable hosting service, and basic computer skill are all you need to turn your initiative into a career you will enjoy over time. Below is a list of profitable niches that you can go in with all guns blazing and ultimately make good money from home.


  1. Become an affiliate marketer


Affiliate marketing is primarily the number one profitable niche for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and beginners. It is one of the best home-based online business ideas valued by many internet users. Hundreds of thousands of internet marketers are making a lot of money every month by selling products through their websites. And the best part is you can make money, too. For new marketers, the early stages of the enterprise will be difficult, but it is important to remember that it takes a lot of time time to make money as an affiliate marketer.


  1. Start an e-Commerce Store


The internet has changed a lot since half a decade ago. So much, in fact, you can now start selling goods and services on the web and grow a consistent consumer base over time. In fact, you can start an e-Commerce shop today and make passive income while you sleep. You do not even have to invest in website design. WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, gives you the ability to set up your shop in minutes for free.


  1. Start a blog


Do you know you can make money online by writing for your blog? Apparently, this is a great home-based business idea for stay at home moms and anyone else who wants to work when they want. There is no one-size-fits-all pattern for when to work. Some bloggers prefer working during the day. A number of author work at night. Some work on the weekends. If you love blogging and learning new things about your niche, start a WordPress blog, write content, monetize your site, be consistent in content production and optimization, and you will definitely see results.



  1. Sell products on eBay


If you are always online, daily active on the web searching for the best way to earn passive income online, consider selling products on eBay. Of course, the thought of selling on eBay is one of those online business ideas that can make you passive income. Keep in mind that this will be challenging at first, but then again, the struggle will pay off. The hardest part in this is the difficulty to find the best suppliers to work with, but SaleHoo is an awesome place to begin if you want to source for suppliers.


  1. Make money drop shipping


We’ve heard of the amazing stories about drop shippers who make up to a hundred thousand shillings a day. So, it is fine to conclude that the market is profitable. Drop shipping and affiliate marketing are different only by a small margin. Unlike affiliate marketing, you set your website to make purchases with your drop shipping company. Then, the product will be sent to the customer in question.


  1. Build Apps


If you are a talented Android programmer, do not let your programming gifts to go to waste. Using tools like Android Studio to create apps for Android Smartphones is a great way to make money online from home. And, there are always opportunities out there. Such opportunities make building apps one of the best home-based online business ideas in Kenya and around the world. The iHub developer community is a great place to start. Besides being a community where programmers meet to share great ideas, it is also the best environment to find the latest, untapped business opportunities.


  1. Offer Web Design & Development

Web design concept

You don’t have to seat on your talent if you do well with codes. Transform this passion and individual knowledge into a preeminent commerce plan. There are many platforms where you can find clients who are seeking for entry-level and pros alike. The best examples include People Per Hour and UpWork.


  1. Become a paid blogger


The web has more than 350 million websites – and counting. It means the demand for rich, human readable, and Search Engine Friendly content will continue to increase by leaps and bounds. If you are an author who has the power of words, or if you are just an individual with incredible writing skills, consider becoming a paid blogger.


  1. Become a transcriber


A transcriber is a freelance author who puts voices into words. Transcription has earned youngsters a lot of money so far. And the good thing is, it is a never-ending business. The nature of the business demands the input of many writers. So, if your ears are clear, and you have the ability to put down what you hear into words, becoming a transcriber is likely one of the best online business ideas for you. A good place to start, if you are a complete newbie is the Awesome Transcribers in Kenya (ATK) on Facebook.

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Wow! This is great!

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    I hope this helped expand your knowledge base. Now, go ahead and do the implementation.You will definitely see results.

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How do i check for plagiarism using aphone? Do u train in article writing? Whats yr fbk name?

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