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Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Freelance Writer in 2017

If there is one thing that is for sure, it’s that being a freelance writer can help you make money and change your life.

When good dough starts to flow in, you tend to develop an inner desire to increase our monthly targets. Of course, you can never get enough of money – no one does.

However, earning your first $1,000 writing articles is not going to be easy. It requires commitment, the desire to work smart and make more money, and most importantly, the right strategy.


Key Points

People write for many reasons. The rationales vary from person to person. One freelance writer may write for fun while another author create content because it is an obligation. Some write to inspire while others write to educate.


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In the heart of it all, though, money is often the item of value. Every author wants to make money online, and there are limitless freelance writing gigs and business opportunities available for grab.


It is important to understand that every freelance writing prospect on the market comes with its full share of benefits and challenges.


The sure-fire ways to live long in the industry, while making hundreds of dollars every month, is to develop a strategy that can help you become a better freelance writer. Here is how:


Give your customers’ expectations the first priority

customers come first

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More often than not, you are always excited to create content for the money. Obviously, making a lot of money is the preliminary goal of online business ideas. But you must understand that the interests of buyers come first.

Always meet a client’s expectation; give them what they want. At the end of the day, clients are the reason why you are in the writing business.


Use an activity log template if you have many clients


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As you continue to do great work in the writing industry, many customers will propose long-term job opportunities for you.

The better question is how will you manage the projects of many clients without missing the deadline of each buyer?

The best way to do this is to use an activity log template.


A professional freelance writer is never be a day late and a dollar short

meet deadlines

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Missing deadlines can kill your writing career. Submitting content to your buyers late not only violates the terms of the buyer-seller agreement but also destroys your iTrade’s Profile.


To protect your online reputation, make sure you never miss deadlines. So, use an activity log template to properly manage your clients.


Write on different topics

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Albeit it is fine to write on a single niche, branching out can expand your knowledge base. Many writers today are more comfortable writing about different niches than individual topics.

Besides, being an all-rounded author opens more writing opportunities. Even more, it expands your clients’ base.



Write regularly; it’s the rule of the game

write regularly

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By writing regularly, you can improve your copywriting skills over time. Concentrate on the topics that you like.

Bid on freelancing opportunities you can handle. Search for clients interested in the kind of writing that you love.

The more you write, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you earn.


Get PDF grammar books; they don’t cost a dime

get grammar books

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PDF grammar books are the best tools for newbie writers who want to improve their writing skills.

Whether you are freelance writer who wants to start making money online or you are already making money for a couple of weeks, these files will help you to become a better speaker and a skilled, professional author.


You can’t write better articles if you aren’t a regular reader

Read regularly

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You will never be a good writer if you are not your favorite reader. If you must to write better, then you must write more often.

The best freelance writer reads repeatedly. The more you read, the more you boost your writing skills.

Reading gives you the power of new words, phrases, and sayings, sentences (you name it). Most importantly, reading can help you create consistent, relevant, and evergreen content.

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