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Freelance Writing Jobs: Make $40.00 a Day with Your Smartphone

Are you a slow typist but still have the passion for the juicy freelance writing jobs that can bank you money every week?

Do you find it difficult to move around with your laptop wherever you go so you can keep working on orders placed by clients in your e-mail inbox?

Are you wondering whether a device as tiny as your Smartphone can make you at least $40.00 a day without straining?

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If you constantly ask yourself these three questions, then I have the answer for you.


Let’s face it; writing has never been easy for anyone. It’s fun, yes. Skeptics find  making money online and success stories tied to freelance writing jobs fascinating. So much, in fact, they want to try. Typing pros want to take their speed to the next level to increase the value of their next paychecks.


But if you cannot type an average of 100 words per minute on your computer, then you must have questioned whether freelance writing is a thing for you.


The Relationship Between You and Your Laptop or Desktop Computer

your relationship and your computer

Image Source: Notes From Wannabe Wahm

  • You easily get distracted. Even if you are the most disciplined freelance writer of all time, chances are you like multi-browsing, a habit I refer to as a time killer.
  • Your typing speed is relatively on the lower end. Sometimes, you feel you are not doing enough, and you wish there were a way to skyrocket your speed.
  • It is difficult to pay attention when you have so many tabs open. Unfortunately, the problem affects everyone. It may not be something you do every day; but definitely, it is something you do eventually.


The Relationship Between You and Your Smartphone

freelance writing gigs on mobile phone

Image Source: Samantha Durnford

  • Your phone is the closest friend you have. It is the first thing that tops the list of the best devices that you love the most.
  • Your typing speed per minute on your phone is very high.
  • The number of words you can write per day on your Smartphone is higher than the number of words you can type using your computer.


My Verdict about a Freelance Writer Using Their Phones to Manage freelance Writing Jobs

mobile phone and you

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It is possible to write a lot using your mobile phone than your laptop. From my experience, it is easy to put down 2,000 words in about two hours, or less. I just did that today before writing this post.


So, I am going to do four things:

  • I will show you how to set up your mobile phone to resemble your personal computer
  • Create a checklist of the most powerful, free mobile apps to write, edit, and customize your articles.
  • Show you how to adjust the settings and count the number of words per article from off of the top of your head.
  • Tell you how to make money online with your phone, every day.


The Bad News

This tutorial is not going to work for you if you don’t have a Smartphone with a wider screen. I recommend using a smart device with a 5-inch touch display, or later. The reason is you will have a difficult time using smaller devices to manage your freelance writing jobs. And it won’t be easy to make money online. I wouldn’t want you to strain in the name of using your phone for work.


The Good News

You can always get a good phone if you don’t have one. Fortunately, they are cheap. The cheapest is $120, so you aren’t going to break the bank, really.


Note: I recommend reading this guide step-by-step without jumping back and forth. It is not going to work for you if you skip sections, to say the least. And you are not going to get any value from this post.


Also, I will be using Android Smartphone in this tutorial. But follow the same steps if you are using iOS. Because we will be dealing with apps, I won’t be telling you to do the obvious, like “go to Google Play Store, or iTunes, and do this, or do that. You already know where to find the apps, and how to install them.


I don’t recommend Windows Phones. They are difficult to navigate and not worth your MONEY.


Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to what matters.


Freelance Writing Jobs Guide: Make Your Smartphone Resemble Your Computer

Step 1: Install Gmail for Android

gmail app for Android

Gmail for Android is the best e-mail checker. It is also the best app to use for sending and receiving e-mails.

Millions of people, including you, use Gmail.

Download From Google Play


Step 2: Install Google Hangout

google hangout for android

You will need Google Hangout for instant messaging.

This is a perfect tool to use if you deal with direct clients.

I work with direct clients, so this is my primary communication tool.

Download From Google Play


Step 3: Install PayPal

paypal app for Android

There is a PayPal app in Google Play Store. If you have never used it before, this is the best time to download it.

In fact, using Mobile PayPal is even much safer and convenient.

Download From Google Play


Step 4: Install Payoneer

payoneer for android

If you still use Payoneer to accept PayPal payments, you can use install the app. If you have a new account, they most likely don’t accept PayPal. So feel free to skip this step. You can still  withdraw your payments to your local bank account.

Download From Google Play


Step 5: Install Keep My Notes

download keep my notes from Google Play

This is the main app that you will be using to write your articles.

I recommend this app because it is the best and the most convenient tool.

This is what I use to make $40.00 a day working 3 to 4 hours a day.

Download From Google Play


Step 6: Install Microsoft Word

Keep My Notes is the best writing editor, but it is by itself quite limited. So, you will need to install Microsoft Word for Android.

You will use this app to edit your articles, insert images, graphs, vectors, and tables.

Download From Google Play


Step 7: Install Opera Mini Browser

opera mini for Android

Use Opera Mini browser. Don’t install any other browser if you want this to work for you. The reason is Opera Mini is great for returning static pages.

So, even if you have 10+ tabs open and your internet connection goes off, you won’t have to reload the pages. Your data is always available,  24 hours a day.

Moreover, it offers an amazing tabbing experience that other big giants like Chrome and Firefox don’t have.

Download From Google Play


If you have all these apps installed, then congratulations. You just made your Smartphone a mini computer. You can now move to the next step.


How to Manage Your Freelance Writing Jobs

In this section, our focus will be on Opera Mini, Keep My Notes, and Microsoft Word apps. Use Opera Mini for research.



Step 1: Using Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes

Before you start writing,  make sure you set the app right, so that you don’t write more or less than the required word count.

settings image keep my notes

To do this, tap the plus sign on the top right and then open a new note. Now, tap the cog icon, AKA the settings icon. Adjust the font size to 13. Please use 13 because it is the most accurate estimate for determining your word count.


Why? Because every line of words will be equal to 10 words. It means if you type five lines, you will be having 50 words in the body if your article. Ten lines equal to 100 words, and so on.

keep my notes wordcount

To make your content easy to scale and optimize, use paragraphs. A two-line space between paragraphs will do. I have no idea what rules your client will provide. So do your work according to their requirements.

keep my notes image

You can also bold, underline, italicize, or strike through text using this app. Just click the W icon at the top to see the options.

rich text options

Lastly, the app saves your notes automatically.


Step 2: Now to Editing Your Content

eiting the content

The article you just wrote in Keep My Notes has tons of errors. You send it to a client as is, and you kiss your job goodbye. But that’s obviously not going to happen.

So, jump to Microsoft Word. Create an account if you don’t already have one. You won’t be able to manage your freelance writing jobs without an account. Once you sign up for an account, log in. Tab to Keep My Notes and the copy the entire article to clipboard.

Navigate back to Microsoft Word, and paste your article on a New Document. In just a second, the app will highlight all the errors for you. Edit the article accordingly.

Note: this app works the same way as the one for Windows, except now you manage it using finger taps rather than your computer mouse.


Step 3: Save Your Article

save your article

The final copy of the article looks good. So, now it is time to save the article in the appropriate directory. Save it where you can remember. To save the work, click “File”. And then Save As.

The app will ask you where you would like to save the work. Click “This Device”. Navigate to “Documents” and save your articles there.

Note: if you decide to make changes to the same article, your changes will be saved automatically by default. So, don’t tamper with those settings.


Step 3: Emailing Your Client the Article

start selling books

Open the Gmail app for Android. Click the pen icon to compose a new mail. In the “to” box, type the email of your direct client. Write a suitable subject and a body description. I like to keep everything short. I keep my titles below five words and the body section below ten words. Besides, you have written more than enough in Keep My Notes.


Tap the attachment icon on the top right and then tap on attach file. Attach your file and then finally tap the send icon to send your article.


And that’s it. You are done!


Manage Your Freelance Writing Jobs with Your Phone, Every Day

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This tutorial isn’t rice on a silver plate. I promise you it is going to be intimidating if you are a beginner. I am not saying that it is going to be easy for a start. But I guarantee that this is going to work eventually.

And as I always say, making money online is easy. It just requires patience, passion, and the willingness to learn more, while managing your freelance writing jobs.

I wish you all the best. And I hope you will make $40.00 a day as a freelance writer.



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Until the next post, stay beautiful.

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